Performance Management

Performance Management Services in Melbourne

Use your formal review process for more than a once-a-year ’tick a box’ process!  Rob Brennan will work with you by providing performance management consulting in Melbourne, so you can develop a positive culture that is essential to the success of your business

We can design strategies to help your managers and executive to hone their skills to coach, support and develop their staff. 

Rob Brennan, will act as an advisor, consultant, facilitator and resource for your business, providing support in creating improved processes and programs. Rob knows that when executives and team leaders have the right skills and knowledge, they motivate employees to be more engaged and aligned to positive business outcomes.

Delivering Effective Performance Management Services in Melbourne Through Conversation

Confidence at the organisation’s top-level inspires trust and respect, encouraging better communication, teamwork, and collaboration. Furthermore, it matters because it drives better performance and improved outcomes for the organisation and its stakeholders.

When you’re looking to hone your skills to engage in effective performance management conversations, Rob Brennan will share with you how to:

  • Set clear expectations that fit the values of your business
  • Set objectives that align with your organisation’s strategy and goals
  • Provide regular and timely feedback
  • Address any issues or concerns in a constructive and solution-focused manner.
  • Engage in open, honest & direct conversations with your people

Rob highlights how it’s essential to be open, honest, and direct in these conversations while also being respectful and supportive of the individual. 

Engaging Your Team with 'Little & Often' Conversations

Rob helps leaders simplify the complexity of performance management in teams by working on the principle of ‘little & often’ conversations. This refers to having regular, informal check-ins with team members to discuss their progress, address any concerns, and provide feedback and support. This approach fosters a culture of openness and trust and ensures team members feel heard and valued.


The added benefit of these ‘little & often’ conversations is they help catch minor issues before they become more significant problems and can help to keep team members motivated and engaged. There are a range of ways to incorporate these conversations in your business, including:

  1. Schedule regular check-ins, such as weekly or bi-weekly meetings, to discuss progress and address any issues.
  2. Encourage open communication and actively listen to team members’ concerns and feedback.
  3. Provide specific and actionable feedback, both positive and negative.
  4. Create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.
  5. Follow up on any action items or issues discussed during the conversation. 

Let's Work Together with Performance Management Services in Melbourne

To ensure that a company can reach its goals and objectives, it is necessary for employees, managers, and executives to work together to promote organisational success. When you choose to engage the services of Rob Brennan, he will consult with you to identify the ‘gaps’ and will provide the right support and training to enhance your performance management processes instead of systems.

Rob will work with you to build a values-driven, sustainable framework that aligns individual employee objectives with those of the organisation as a whole. He wants to see you and your employees benefit from each other’s strengths while identifying areas for improvement.

You’re creating a culture of accountability and continuous improvement by engaging in services contributing to your company’s success. Want this for your business? Take control of your business improvement by contacting Rob Brennan and letting him guide you towards better company practices that support a high-performance culture.