Skills Training

Lead Teams Effectively with Management Skills Training In Melbourne

Rob Brennan provides highly engaging and practical management skills training in Melbourne to further develop your leadership potential. The services provided by Rob help leaders develop the abilities needed to lead a team effectively and achieve success.

Rob’s approach to leadership and management skills development and training is to individualise it to your unique needs. There is no ‘one fits all’ approach because each business and each learner is different.  

Creative Problem-Solving & Decision Making

Whether you are an executive or working towards leadership, gaining the ability of creative problem-solving and decision-making is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. Companies need managers and employees to develop innovative solutions, to simple and complex challenges. 

Developing these abilities can help businesses stay ahead of their competition and increase profits.   Rob will work with you and your team to develop and practise problem-solving and decision-making using a collaborative approach.

Learn How to Communicate with Influence

Learn how to develop communication skills that allow you to effectively influence, negotiate and manage business relationships. Robs approach to this topic includes building on the following:

  • Ensuring your message is easy to understand, without jargon or use of technical terms.
  • Providing evidence and statistics to support your claims and demonstrate your expertise on the topic.
  • Building trust by being honest and transparent in your communication, and showing that you have your audience’s best interests in mind.
  • Using powerful words and phrases that inspire action and motivate your audience.
  • Practising active listening and showing your interest and understanding of others’ perspectives.
  • Using body language to support your message. Maintaining appropriate eye contact, using gestures, and having a confident posture.
  • Believing in yourself and your and message and communicating with conviction.
  • Adapting your communication style to suit your audience and being open to feedback and suggestions.

Leading Effective Face-to-Face & Virtual Meetings

How many times have you been in meetings without any specific purpose, that run over time, where people talk over the top of each other, and nothing gets achieved?   In our Leading Effective Meetings training in Melbourne, Rob shares ideas on how to plan and lead a productive and successful meeting. 

Learn how to keep your attendees more interested and achieve the meeting objectives.  You will learn skills to enable you to:

  1. Clearly define the purpose and agenda of the meeting in advance.
  2. Encourage participation and actively listen to all attendees.
  3. Use technology effectively to facilitate communication and collaboration.
  4. Confirm each person knows their responsibility and agreed actions before the session ends.
  5. Maintain the energy in the meeting and keep attendees engaged

Want to know more about how Rob Brennan facilitates professional growth and potential through personalised skills development and instruction? Contact us and get ready to expand your potential.